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Free Piano Resources

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Buying a piano or keyboard? We can help. 

In this complete, free guide you will learn:

 How to decide between a piano or a keyboard

Tips to make the buying process easy

Must-have features and recommended brands

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Find the instrument that is right for you.

Learn every note on the piano in 4 steps!

In this complete, free guide you will learn:

The pattern of the piano

The musical alphabet

Anchors (our best practice tip!)

Sharps and flats

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Tips and strategies to learn every note with confidence.

Chords for beginners.

In this complete, free guide you will get:

Two easy formulas for major and minor chords

Diagrams of every major and minor chord

Practice checklist so you know exactly what to do

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Two simple steps to play every major and minor chord.

Hi! We're Dan & Sam Musselman. 

A professional piano player with a love for teaching others, Dan is our resident piano expert! He has his Ph.D. in music composition, and his music has been streamed over 100 million times. Dan's wealth of knowledge, 30+ years of playing piano, and time spent teaching hundreds of students in private lessons and college courses make him a fantastic piano instructor. 

Sam learned piano as an adult, so she's here to show you it can be done and to cheer you on! She is there every step of the way to make sure you have what you need to be successful and to give a "beginner's perspective" to help you learn. 

Sam's tips, insight, and encouragement, paired with Dan's expertise, make them the perfect teaching team for you!